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Get more time back for your business

Make sure you’re working smart and not just hard. Don’t spend hours reviewing financials if it’s going to take away from things that will help your business grow, like bringing in more revenue or spending those weekends with the family!

Always know your business numbers

Can you take one look at your numbers and know exactly where you stand so you immediately know if you can buy that new equipment, hire new employees, or truly take time off? Work with me and you’ll always know where you sit with your business financials!

Have peace of mind your
books are handled

Just having a CPA isn’t enough to provide the powerful insight your numbers contain. As a home service business owner, you have a business that breaks the mold from what a “traditional” accountant can give you. You need someone who understands your specific needs within the industry… (that’s me!) 

I can help…

Virtual CFO By Kristen Deese

Package Details

Here’s What’s Included

Virtual CFO


  • Identify trends using historical data
  • Keep the process of reading and translating reports EASY!
  • Oversight from experienced industry CFO
  • Build confidence in your numbers – know more than just your daily bank balance
  • Unbiased, nonjudgmental financial analysis
  • Tips and tricks to solve quick problems
  • Compare company numbers to industry standards
  • Identify areas that could use attention or improvement


Virtual CFO


  • Everything In Master Plus…
  • Set up your custom KPI’S
  • Build out your Chart of Accounts
  • Design custom compensation/bonus plans
  • Coach to solve any problems identified in reports – the symptom is the bad number, but let’s dig down and find and fix the root problem
  • Gain more knowledge which translates to more control
  • We’ll either automate or delegate the boring accounting tasks
  • The books will be cleaner when they are handed over to the CPA at tax time = lower bill from the CPA


Virtual CFO


  • Everything In Journeyman Plus…
  • One-on-one training for your accounting team – because how could you train someone how to do something you don’t know how to do yourself??
  • Teach the accounting associate(s) how to track expenses and receipts, how to manage accounts receivable, how to do month end, how to prepare reports
  • Mentor your accounting team can lean on to ask questions and help solve problems as they arise.
  • Weekly Re-cap report so the owner knows how the training is progressing
  • Keep your overhead down by hiring someone with less experience and train them YOUR way.

Master Package

Introducing Jake the Plumber…

Jake has been in the trades since he was a teen and he has a business offering residential and light commercial services.  He’s a master in his specific trade, his business is consistently meeting sales goals, he’s pretty involved in the operations but he’s still not really sure what to do with his financial reports and therefore doesn’t really use them in day to day business decisions.

Jake is perfectly suited for the Master package because the financial activity is being recorded and reconciled each month by his accounting associate but he’s ready to learn now to really use those month end reports like a pro.

If Jake’s situation sounds a bit like yours then let’s talk!

Journeyman Package

Let me tell you about my friend Joe…

Joe owns an HVAC company and like most HVAC companies, he’s gang busters in the summer and winter months but struggles to make ends meet during the shoulder seasons.  Joe has an Office Manager that helps his keep track of sales and pays the bills but that’s about all she does because she’s busy dealing with incoming calls, technician communication and scheduling.

Joe’s put an ad out for an accounting associate and she started last week – he knew it was time to take some pressure off his Office Manager and he also knows that there are more things that need to be done with ‘the numbers’.  Because there are no real accounting systems in place in Joe’s business but the accounting associate he hired has experience in Quickbooks he (and his new employee) are perfect candidates for the Journeyman level of Virtual CFO.

Do you relate to where Joe is in his financial Journey?  If this also describes you, let’s connect!

Apprentice Package

And then there is my friend Mike…

Mike has a thriving mechanical company and offers  HVAC, plumbing and electrical services.  Somehow Mike and his team managed to get just enough financials done to appease the tax guy but that was about it.  But Mike had a team member with a ton of potential who expressed interested in one day running the accounting department.  Problem was, he had no experience or education in accounting – and neither did Mike, but regardless Mike trusted this employee and knew he had great potential.

The Apprentice level of Virtual CFO is a great training ground for the team member Mike wants to move into the accounting department.  After all, how can Mike train his employee to do accounting things if he doesn’t know how to do them himself?

If you’re like Mike and you want to hire or promote an employee with little to no accounting experience but tons of potential, then let’s talk about how the Apprentice program can get them up and going in no time – with little effort from you!  (And just like the other levels, you’ll get the support from the owner/CFO relationship!)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

My number one priority is to provide you with he best service possible and make your financial skills journey as enjoyable as possible.  Should we choose to work together, you are not locked in for any specific amount of time.  When you’re ready to move on, you are free to do so – no biggie!

Financial Awareness Changes Everything

Are you ready to FACE your numbers and change the way you do business forever?

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